• PRO35F 1X1

    External dimensions 107x107x217 cm

  • PRO35F 1X1.3

    External dimensions 107x132x217 cm


    External dimensions 132x132x217 cm

  • PRO35F 2X1

    External dimensions 211x107x217 cm

  • PRO35F 1.3X2

    External dimensions 132x211x217 cm

  • PRO35F 1.3X2.6

    External dimensions 132x260x217 cm

  • PRO35F 2X2

    External dimensions 211x211x217 cm

  • PRO35F 2X2.6

    External dimensions 211x260x217 cm

  • PRO35F 3X2

    External dimensions 314x211x217 cm

  • PRO35F 3X3

    External dimensions 314x314x217 cm

PRO 35F / Diagnostic Line

Modular soundproof booth with new elegant internal finishing, innovative acoustic materials for a higher soundproofing performance. Light and quick to install, available up to 9 m2 in standard or customized dimensions, complies with ISO 8253 1:2010.  

Innovative acoustic materials
Pro35F booth for diagnostic tests
Silent booth for hearing tests


PRO35F line is recommended for hearing screening and diagnostic tests in audiology centers. The modular solutions are suitable for different applications and exams such as Free Field test.

Noise reduction level

Noise reduction PRO35F line is tested at the Technical-Physics Laboratory C.S.I. S.p.A. (Milano-Italy) accredited by ACCREDIA.
Product conforms with international UNI EN ISO 8253 1:2010 with a background noise no greater than 64dB (at 500Hz) assuming a
noise barrier headset (audiocups) is used.


Easy and quick to install in DIY kit; no specialised staff required. Just follow the instructions. Positionable on any floor. The installation needs 10 cm overall each side (l x w x h).


  • Medical Device Class I EU 2017/745 (old EEC 93/42)
  • 2007/47/EC
  • CEI 64/11 CEI 64/8
  • 2006/95/EC
  • UNI EN ISO 8253 1:2010.