Soundproof Booths Screening Line


Mini soundproof booths PRO25-PRO28F, the ideal products for hearing screening in audiology centers, shops or anytime a compact cabin is needed. Available in a standard dimension 1x1 mt. and also in 'Slim' version, on wheels and even more compact to pass easily through standard doors. Easy and quick to install, this booth is ready for use in only few minutes and can be easily moved thanks to its lightweight and compact structure. These cabins can also be used for occupational medicine, for temporary use in companies and schools.

Soundproof Booths Diagnostic Line


Modular soundproof booths PRO30-PRO35F with a wide range of solutions and configurations, customizable for any need. With a good internal acoustics is the ideal line of products for audiometric screening and diagnostic tests, such as free field, in audiology centres. Available in several dimensions up to 12 sq.m, can be equipped with many accessories to make it even more functional. Thanks to the lightweight structure these booths are very easy and quick to install on any floor without specialized staff.

Soundproof Booths Clinical Line


Modular soundproof booths PRO45S-PROMetal SW/DW with the highest performance and excellent interior acoustics, used for in-depth clinical level analysis in hospitals, universities and specialized audiology centres. Available in several dimensions starting from 1x1 mt. up to 36 sq.m, can be equipped with many accessories to make it even more functional. This line, with a wide range of available solutions: single wall or double wall, standard or bespoke sizes, is ideal for free field tests and examinations ABR / BERA using the Faraday shield (PRO45S).