Customized built-in high performance acustic solutions for medical enviroments

Audiological and medical soundproofed environments

Audiological environments

Puma designs and manufactures customized soundproof rooms and can boast a specific experience in medical and audiological field, with several projects executed and installed at hospitals, clinics, medical and hearing aid stores. You can rely on our experience for a rapid and concrete evaluation of the best applicable solution to your specific problem.

acoustic optimizatio of a room using sound absorption panels

Functionality and audio performance

When a silent booth can’t be installed, where a customization of the environment is required,  or you need to restore an existing space, the solution is to design a customized soundproofed room. In this situation, using fixed structures, it is ensured an average of -55 dB reduction, that can be improved to -75 dB (data in work at 500/1000 Hz).

Faraday shielding for audiological applications

Bespoke solutions

A personalized solution involves installation of structures, frames, counter walls, double ceilings room and floors with inertial mass. The construction includes cable passages for medical instrumentation, provision of utilities, windows and no phonic doors. The faradaic shield is optional for the protection from electro-magnetic fields (test ABR / BERA).

Designing a medical soundproofed room

Puma for over 40 has been designing, manufacturing and performing soundproofing interventions for to the medical sector in general. And, thanks to the know-how acquired in this period, the company is accredited as a provider in various public and private customers in hospitals, clinical and medical.
Each project is the result of established and planned activity that begins with the inspection of the structure, the definition of the requirements and objectives, agreed with the customer. After that there is the intervention at the property, also made by the Puma’s specialists, with the supervision of our technical manager and at the end there is the delivery of the locals, together with the technical file that is useful to clarify the performances and characteristics of the intervention performed.

For more information and details on recent projects and events, please visit our blog.

projecting and performing a soundproofing intervention in medical department
Acoustical window frames, silenced doors and sound-insulating windows

Choosing a soundproofed door

Puma uses innovative total glass doors, single or double, with clear glass or opal, to give natural lighting to the environment and to reduce the sensation of oppression that the patient can feel in the room.
It is possible also to install specific doors to allow access to patients on standard beds or wheelchairs.

Using of sound-insulating windows

The control windows, available in standard sizes or customized in design, can be single or double and are made of multiple anti-noise crystals with the same sound insulation power as the structure.

Designing a vibrations absorbing basement

Puma, during project execution, calculates the correct sizing of the room floor base using a special floating system for the reduction of the mechanical vibration and noise.
The top coating of the base can be linoleum, parquet or carpet.

The electrical system

The realization of the customized project provides the laying of a complete electrical installation of switches, sockets, integrated lighting in the ceiling and any special arrangements. The choice and the laying is made in order to soundproof the pipelines. The electrical system is regulated according to its intended use and according to customer specifications, a medical location usually has an electrical system of "Group 1".

Ventilation silenced systems and air conditioning

Silencend ventilation systems for indoor air exchange and air conditioning (hot/cold) are normally required and included in any customized project. Puma selects and offers specific machines, integrated set of pipes and mufflers to ensure sound insulation during operations.

Reverberation time of the room

The anti-glare treatment is a crucial step to consider after the soundproofing. This phase Puma calculates and determines the quality and quantity of the material required to reduce the reverberation time to the target value.
Subsequently it is expected the positioning and the application of soundproofed panels on ceiling and walls, placed in the "strategic" points in order to ensure a reverberation time restrained, typically less than one second, the mean value necessary to perform audiometric tests in field free.

Instruments connection

The instrumentation panel is universal and allows direct cable routing without interruption to ensure the linearity of the signal between the instruments and accessories. Any tool can be easily connected. The hooks for headsets and translators are included.
On demand Puma also installs a connection plate with 10 jacks and two USB ports.

Optionals on request

Puma offers a huge range of optionals that can be used inside customized projects, for example:
• Technical anti-glare panels to change the interior acoustics
Faraday shielding for ABR / BERA examinations
• Emergency Lights
• Internal Sockets UNEL or international
• Special windows customized
• A larger access doors
• Jack panel (10 jack + USB)