Puma installs cabins for audiometric exams in Kuwait

Published 29/03/2016

Puma installs cabins for audiometric exams in Kuwait

Afterwords we present an important installation carried out by Puma in January 2016 at the hospital complex "New Ahmadi Hospital&Residential Building" Kuwait oil company owned in Kuwait city.
On the basis of a specific request of the local dealer Puma has planned, built and sent by the site two cabins PRO45S model of the clinical line with special measures fitted to the developing department ENT locals.
The following photographic reportage depicts the products put down during the conclusion phases of the hospital complex and it has been taken during the check of the positive result of the installation

Location project

Hospital main entrance HOSPITAL MAIN ENTRANCE 

Puma 45S silent cabins installed

Cabin 45S Puma PRO45S - SPECIAL MEASURES 350 X 245 CM
Cabin Pro45s Special Measurement PRO45S - SPECIAL MEASURES 316 x 290 CM
Sound proof booth position The final intervention project. The two cabins have been located one opposite the other for the execution of different audiologic texts and have been configured with attachments on request, such as large horizontal visual aids.
Interal sight with personalized fihishings Inside sight of the installed cabins, accessories:
  • Horizontal visual aids
  • Total pane
  • Tecnical panels for sound corretion
  • Floating base to reduce led lighting vibrations
  • silenced change of air
  • Disabled ramps
Team Puma during the installation Mr. Mauro Muselli from Puma during on-site inspection after installation by local partner