Soundproof Room

Planning and carrying out of fixed soundproofing and setting up of audiometric booths in Italy

Published 29/03/2016

Puma installation by the sound operating unit of the Archihospital S.Anna

We want to present an important installation carried out by the sound operating unit of the Archihospital S.Anna, Cona, Ferrara, Italy. The described operating units worked with diagnostics and therapy of the external middle and inner ear patologies, hearing troubles in childood and adults. The surgical activity unit includes the treatment of medium ear pathologies (chronic otitis, hearing sclerosis), medium-serious ranking deafness (installing hearing aids), deep deafness.
Puma asked by an important national partner, projected and carried out the fixed soundproofing and the locals faradic screening and also the setting of three silent cabins of clinical Pro45s series.
Hospital main entrance View of the project location, the hospital complex situated N.5 Aldo Moro street, Cona, Ferrara.

Acoustic Design

Acoustic design Puma produced a specific project with the aim of soundproofing the locals and introducing a complete faradaic screening.

The execution phases and setting of the soundproofing materials

Realization of the customized soundproofed local Creating isolated environments
Setting-of-special-selected-materials Setting of special selected materials on the basis of the reduction aims and sound absorbency.

The execution phases and installation of the Faradic shield

Faradaic screening Faradaic screening setting

Setting of the sound materials external to the operating units

Internal finishes and fillers Setting and execution of the internal finishes and internal fillers
Passage of ventilation pipes Setting and ventilation pipes crossing cable ducts and external connections
External-finishing Setting and execution of finishes and external fillers

Audiology department areas: final stage after the carrying out of soundproofing project

Internal-finishes-and-insulating-panels Internal finishes and insulating panels placed inside the room.

Silent cabins set up by the audiology unit “S.Anna Hospital”

Silent Cabin 1X1  
CABIN_Pro45 270X270  
N.2 Pro45 1x1 + N.1 Pro45 250x270 out of standard on design.