Modular and relocatable acoustic correction for soundproof rooms and booths

Published 24/11/2016

Puma acoustic panels are designed for the acoustic correction of the medical environments such as audiology centers, hearing aids shops, soundproof booths and for all those who want to create a technical and professional environment. The sound absorbing panels 480x480 cm size have different designs (F and P) granting excellent values of sound absorption at medium and high frequencies (500-2000 Hz.), they significantly reduce the sound reflection allowing to perform audiometric tests, such as free field, in a suitable environment.
Acoustic panels P series are used as technical solution, made of anthracite grey polyurethane with a thickness of 80 mm and with a milled design for a better sound absorption. Thanks to the special design with 45°cut corners they grant a continuity in the application on walls, corners and ceilings giving homogeneity to the project and creating a semi anechoic environment.
Acoustic panels F series are used as elegant solution, made of special fiber in polyester termic heat bounded  at high density covered with a light grey, very resistant, washable acoustic fabric. They have different thicknesses (50mm and 100 mm) granting a significant reduction of sound reflection and also a pleasant design once applied on the surfaces.
To get an optimal absorption they shall be applied on at least the 50% of the surface to be treated (walls and ceilings). They have been designed specifically in kits according to the size of the room to treat.

The laying is very easy: by using the supplied glue, draw a cross and a perimeter on the back of the panels and lay them on the surface by pushing for less than 1 minute. Leave from 1 to 5 cm distance from a panel to the other for an easier application and a wider covering. It is recommended to design a laying scheme before starting the application. When applied inside a soundproof booth PRO45S the panels are supplied with Velcro.
The acoustic panels F and P series can also be applied inside the Puma soundproof booth PRO45S by using Velcro, therefore they can be relocated quickly. Inside the soundproof booths and rooms can also be used as protection from accidental bumps thanks to their soft density. Acousti panels F and P series have a strong sound-absorbing power and are ideal for the acoustic correction of the environments. They are not noise isolating so they shall not be used as alternative to the silent booth or to the soundproofing of a room.
For large quantities we can design and manufacture customized shapes and colors.