Installation of a large cabin for audiometric exams in Slovenia performed by Puma

Published 11/05/2017

Puma installs a large diagnostic cabin for audiometric exams in Slovenia
We are glad to introduce an important installation carried out by Puma in January 2017 at the POSLUH Hearing Center Ljubljana, responsible for program Cochlear.
The location is the old Head Quarter of the Secret Service of Slovenia, a location where rooms are already well soundproofed.
On the basis of a specific request of the local dealer, Puma has designed, built and installed one unit of PRO35F diagnostic line with standard size of 3x2 mt.
The following photographic reportage depicts the products put down before, during and after the phases of the installation.
PRO35F line, starting from this year is designed and manufactured with CamLoc:  a new innovative assembly system, for a faster and easier set-up.
As for the use of this product, our customer is pointing out how this cabin with this size is ideal for diagnostic measurements with only one device and many accessories among others:
  • PT Audiometry (various modes)
  • FF Audiometry (various modes, also in Slovenian Language)
  • Audiometry for children
  • OAE
  • Thympanometry
Moreover, this booth as it is structured, allows to make hearing aids fittings in a pleasant and acoustically treated environment and to check the final results with Free Field Test Audiometry.
This booth is equipped with Puma universal silenced connection panel, through which it has been possible to connect without any restriction the following devices:
•              DVI cable for computer display;
•              Audio cable for simulation of various hearing environment with computer;
•              USB extension cable where we can connect one of many devices (diagnostic device, HIPRO, AirLink and Cochlear Programming Pod for fitting HAs and SPs);


Old Head Quarter of the Secret Service of Slovenia

Project idea

Plan and configuration

Installation step I

Assembling the frame and first panels

External view of the assembled cabin

Installation completed

Internal view

The internal finishes of the cabin with supports for speakers

Test area and devices inside the booth

Test area inside the booth