Installation of PRO45S 3X2 at Audienta Ltd’s HQ, Helsinki Finland

Published 18/02/2019

Audienta Oy is a company established and operating in Finland who got in touch with Puma Soundproofing in order to give a contribution in the renovation of the HQ of the company by installing soundproof booth for audiometric testing PRO45S. Audienta had enough space to host a large unit with a size of 3x2 meters and wanted to guarantee a very high level of service for its customers by investing in the top-notch product of Puma’s catalogue. Here is the opinion of one of Audienta’s directors who was leading this project for the company.
                                                    TIME LAPSE INSTALLATION VIDEO
Here is the opinion of one of Audienta’s directors who was leading this project for the company.
“Our operations include hearing examinations, hearing aid fittings, programming of hearing aid accessories as well as training sessions for users. Operating in the middle of a house-wide renovation shows just how well the Puma booth performs even in challenging environments.
Availability of audiologists is scarce in Finland at the moment and therefore we have not been able to do as much customer work as we would have hoped. We expect the situation to be alleviated in the near future as new professionals graduate.
We installed a Puma 45S soundproof booth to Audienta Ltd’s premises in Helsinki. The booth is 2 x 3 meters and is equipped with a clinical audiometer.
We have been very satisfied with Puma booth’s features and usage comfort and convenience. All in all the installation and use of the Puma booth have met our expectations and it is a pleasure work with this great product.
Currently our location is under renovation and this has somewhat hindered the start of our operations. We have yet to take full advantage of the Puma booth’s potential, but even now it is clear it has a crucial role in our continuing endeavors to offer exceptional level of service for our customers.”
Interior equipped with acoustic panels.