Positive feedbacks from the Boras Clinical Engineering Hospital in Sweden for the PRO45S 2x2 cabin

Published 18/06/2019

Towards the end of August 2017, a PRO45S 2x2 clinical line cabin was shipped to Sweden at the Södra Älvsborgs Sjukhus hospital in the city of Boras, not far from Gothenburg, in the County of Västra Götaland. This audiometric booth has been installed to perform audiometric tests and ABR
Together with clinical engineering and our local dealer, Puma has proposed the best product for their use. Due to customer needs, the PRO45S 2x2 cab was manufactured  within very short deadlines.
The quick and easy assembly was carried out by the hospital staff who, following the instructions and the tutorial video showing the installation (https://youtu.be/Yl-Fyvry-Ow ) was able to complete the works and provide the cabin with all the equipment to start, with a certain urgency, the tests to the patients of the ENT department.
Here are some words from the hospital staff about the cabin:
Installation was very simple with the detailed manual.
We didn't hear from the staff that there was any problem, just something we noticed during the installation. Hard surfaces inside the box seem to cause some echo for some frequencies, so acoustic panels are probably needed if you use the speakers for measurement.
The internal LED light guarantees plenty of light. We have covered it with a film to create a more uniform light that does not alter the focus by the patient.
For some ABR type measurements it may be necessary for the patient to lie down and relax, so I think that too bright light would interfere at a certain level. Small details to solve but certainly no problem.
Above all, we are very satisfied with the stand. Fantastic product!
It is modern and professional, it has a large glass door that creates an open and bright atmosphere for the patient inside.
The ventilation can be set to an optimal fan speed to obtain a low noise level and still have a high flow, thanks to the multiswitch.
Thanks again for the punctual delivery and the great support we received!