PROMetal SW-2300 installed at Zayed Military Hospital in UAE

Published 19/07/2019

Upon the local distributor request, Puma has designed, built and installed at the military hospital, one single-walled steel audiometric booth PRO Metal SW-2300, a product that can reach a noise isolation level of more than 55dB and a standard external measurements cm 230x230x200h. The following photo report depicts the products laid during the installation phases and the end of the works.
Installation room.
Room plan.


The cabin was installed in a low background noise environment, therefore the single-walled SW-2300 model was an excellent choice for performing different audiological tests: Tonal Audiometry, Audiometry in Free Field, Pediatric Audiometry, Acoustic Emissions, Tympanometry.
The cabin was equipped with a connection plate with 12 jacks for the connection of the audiometric instruments in addition to a silenced universal cable passage through which the user can connect other devices from the outside to the inside of the cabin (the so-called ‘Universal Connection Panel’ designed by Puma, allows the connection by avoiding any interruption of signal), plus 4 USB connections for data transmission.
During the installation.
Completion of the work.
Detail of the universal plate, jack panel, USB sockets.

ProMetal SW-2300 features:

  • 12 jack connection panel
  • N. 4 USB connections
  • Integrated free field system
  • Single door with lock
  • Linoleum flooring
  • LED lighting
  • Emergency light
  • Silenced air ventilation system
  • Ramps for wheelchairs
  • External table
Mauro Muselli and  (Sales Director) and Filippo Bolognesi (Product & Project Specialist) together with the Puma’s and local dealer staff of technicians at the completion of works.