Published 20/05/2020

During these crucial times of resumption of the activities, we are keen to provide important information regarding the sanitization of our products to allow their correct in safety conditions.
The following booth range -  PRO28F, PRO35F, PRO45S, PROMETAL-SW, PROMETAL-DW cabins can be sanitised according to the environment sanitization procedures indicated by the Italian Ministry of Health, using colourless alcohol-based disinfectants or, alternatively, by diluting sodium hypochlorite, or ethanol, or hydrogen peroxide in the right proportions and nebulising the cabin walls at a distance of 30cm.
The PRO25 and PRO30 cabin range are equipped with internal polyurethane coating (porous material), therefore daily use of sprays could deteriorate the areas being sanitised. At the moment our R & D department is engaged in the study of a specific solution for these two product lines.
In addition we remind all users that the use of PPE (gloves, masks) is always mandatory, even during the testing phase.
We will continue to provide new information based on their research and invite you to get in touch with us for any further information.
In the meantime we wish you to stay safe and healthy!