Published 28/08/2020

Dear Customer,
we are pleased to provide you with updates about the sanitisation methods of silent booths.
After various tests carried out by our team, we are able to introduce a solution that allows the sanitisation of the interiors of all the Puma Soundproofing booths PRO28F, PRO35F, PRO45S including the lines with pyramidal internal coating PRO25 and PRO30, and the acoustic panels Pixel, in accordance with the procedures concerning the sanitisation of environments provided by the Ministry of Health and, at the same time, guarantees the integrity of the booth’s internal lining.
The UV-C lamps without ozone emissions perform, in a few minutes (from 15 to 30 depending on the size of the cabin), a highly sanitizing action reducing the waiting times between operations, and allowing the immediate access to the patient after use.
Starting from November 2020 you can contact us and pre-order your UV-C lamp or request for a quotation of this item.