New soundproofing and sanitizing air-exchanging system

Published 01/10/2021

Available and suitable for Puma's Soundproofing acoustic booths PRO30, PRO35F, PRO45S and easily replaceable to old ventilations

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How does it works ?
The technology used in saniVENT mimics and reproduces what happens in nature through photocatalysis. This process, that thanks to the combined action of UV rays from the sun, humidity present in the air and some noble metals present in nature, generates oxidant ions capable of destroying the most of polluting and toxic substances.
                                                                                                  Active sanification
Unlike passive sanitization systems (traditional filters, germicidal lamps) which retain and destroy part of the harmful substances only in the spot where they come installed, saniVENT has a direct Soundproofing and sanitizing air-exchanging system effect on harmful substances present in the complete air flow coming into the booth and on all the surfaces the flow comes in contact with. The graphics here below show the results of scientific tests carried on in American laboratories about bacteria reduction with fotocatlysis: 99% of bacteria have been defeated after being subjected to air treated with photocatalysis.
The University of Milan conducted an experiment on the virucidal device at the “Luigi Sacco” department of biomedical sciences. The decay of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on a cloth composed of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose, exposed to the treated air for 20 minutes in a volume of 2.13 m3 showed a reduction of 99,7% greater than the natural decay of the virus.
   Product conform with the directive 2014/35/EU (low voltage directive).
   All the electrical components are conform with the current European directives and are CE marked.