Installation of one PRO45S 3X3 at

Published 13/11/2020


Vittore Buzzi Children's Hospital in Milan is one of the most important Italian facilities specialised in childbirth and paediatrics. 
For the hospital's audiometry ward, the Foundation "Buzzi" has chosen a clinical line booth PRO45S 3X3 mt. with standard ventilation system and internal coating enhanced with acoustic panels Pixel, external reclining table, observation window and door with blackout curtain option.


Published 28/08/2020

After various tests carried out by our team, we are able to introduce a solution that allows the sanitisation of the interiors of all the Puma Soundproofing booths PRO28F, PRO35F, PRO45S, including PRO25 and PRO30, with pyramidal polyurethane lining, and acoustic panels Pixel, in accordance with the procedures concerning the sanitation of environments provided by the Ministry of Health and, at the same time, guarantees the integrity of the booth’s internal lining.

Installation of PRO45S 3X2 at Audienta Ltd’s HQ, Helsinki Finland

Published 18/02/2019

Audienta Oy is a company established and operating in Finland who got in touch with Puma Soundproofing in order to give a contribution in the renovation of the HQ of the company by installing soundproof booth for audiometric testing PRO45S. Audienta had enough space to host a large unit with a size of 3x2 meters and wanted to guarantee a very high level of service for its customers by investing in the top-notch product of Puma’s catalogue. Here is the opinion of one of Audienta’s directors who was leading this project for the company.

Puma Soundproofing at EUHA and new catalogue

Published 01/12/2017

Puma was exhibiting during EUHA Congress held in Nuremberg, we had the chance to introduce important news for our products and also our new catalogue which is collecting and showing all our products and services. This congress gave us the chance to meet our customers coming from all over the world and also we were happy to find new collaborations and opportunities. Our presence for the next show in Hanover is guaranteed and we are already working hard to be there with many important news!

Clinical Line

Published 19/11/2016

Clinical Line
Puma’s clinical line includes 3 models of modular soundproof booths with excellent internal acoustics and higher soundproofing performance compared to the diagnostic line. These cabins are used for clinical exams and diagnosis in hospitals and specialized audiology centers. Thanks the wide range of modular solutions available in single and double wall, with standard or bespoke sizes, this line is ideal for in-depth examinations, audiometric free field tests and ABR.