Installation of a large audiometric test Puma booth in Sweden

Published 23/04/2019

Installation of a large audiometric test Puma booth in Sweden

Below we present an important installation performed by Puma in November 2018 at the Nyköpings Lasarett Central Hospital in the City of Nyköping, in the Sormland region of Sweden.
Based on a specific request from the ENT department manager in the renewal phase and with the support of our local distributor, Puma Soundproofing has designed, manufactured and installed one clinical line audiometric test booth PRO45S with customized dimensions of 510X290x250h cm.
The head of the ENT department had specifically requested a large booth in order to optimize the available room at its best and to perform audiological tests: pediatric audiology, speech therapy, ABR measurements, otoacoustic emissions, even on patients on wheelchairs, and cots.
On this purpose, to allow the entrance of hospital cots and wheelchairs in the audiometric booth, Puma has provided the product with a 100 cm clear passage crystal door.
Several colored acoustic panels were applied to optimize the interior acoustics on a technical side and also to improve the room’s environment under the standpoint of patient’s comfort.


Use of audiometric test booth:

The large dimensions of the cabin allow to performdiagnostic measurements and various tests such as:
• Pediatric audiometry;
• Speech therapy;
• ABR measurements;
• Tonal audiometry;
• Audiometry in Free Field;
• Acoustic emissions;
• Tympanometry.
Given the breadth and comfort of this cabin it is possible to carry out fitting of hearing aids in a pleasant and perfectly acoustically treated environment, where doctors can check right afterwards the results obtained in the free field tests performed in the same room.
Final room plan of the installation site (drawings)

Location of the project: "Nyköpings Lasarett" Central Hospital in the City of Nykoping in the Sormland region of Sweden. (photo)

Main entrance of the hospital (photo).

Soundproof booth Puma PRO45S FM – Special size cm 510X290X250H (photo)

Position of the audiometric booth base (photo)
Total crystal door with a clear passage of 100 cm (photo)
Observation window panel equipped with universal connection plate for cable routing and connection plate with jack (photo)
Interior view with acoustic panels (photo).
Puma Soundproofing PRO45S audiometric booth features:
  • Standard observation window 60x80h;
  • Crystal door clear opening cm 100;
  • Colored acoustic panels with different thicknesses to optimize the acoustics correction;
  • Floating floor (reduces vibrations);
  • Led lighting system;
  • Silenced air ventilation system;
  • Ramps for wheelchair/cots access