PRO Metal DW cabin for clinical tests in UAE

Published 22/11/2016

Puma soundproofing installing cabins PRO Metal DW for clinical tests in UAE

We report here an important installation performed by Puma at the “Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care & Special Needs” hospital in Al Ain city ( 
This center was founded in September 2012 and is specialized for patients with special needs, it offers cures and rehabilitation services for patients with disabilities in the city of Al Ain, including the evaluation, diagnosis, education (early intervention), health care, therapeutic rehabilitation and assistance to the family. Furthermore, it is equipped with the best facilities and highly specialized staff to assist people with special needs.
On the basis of a specific request coming from the local distributor, Puma has designed, manufactured and installed a PRO Metal DW (metal double wall booth with acoustic insulation beyond 90 dB) of its clinical line, with bespoke size that could fit the rooms of the ENT ward which was developing at that time. The following pictures show all the steps of the assembling and the final stage with verification of the successful  installation
The cabin has been located inside a room poorly soundproofed, therefore it has been necessary to provide a PRO Metal DW with very high noise insulation to perform different audiology tests, with integrated wiring system to perform also free field test. The booth has been connected to the central air conditioning system of the hospital.


  • Double door for double wall cabin
  • Carpeted, antistatic, blue colored
  • LED lighting
  • Silenced air exchange connected to the central air conditioning system of the hospital
  • Ramps for wheelchair access
  • External table
Final picture showing Mauro Muselli from Puma Soundproofing with the local distributor’s staff and the audiologist at the end of the installation and after the inspection test.